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Lüscher Colour Test
luscher colour test

What does your color preference reveal about you?
PROBLEM UNDERLYING THE PRESENT STRESS — You are disappointed with aspects of your life and also feel that it is pointless to formulate new plans or goals. This has caused you a great deal of anxiety. You are seeking recognition and a position of status but you are worried about achieving these goals. You tend to protest any change or criticism or anything that seems like it is trying to influence you. You assert control by paying excess attention to details to create a sense that you are in power.
DESIRED OBJECTIVE — You have a deep desire for tenderness and sensitivity in your life. You are attracted to anything aesthetic and tasteful.
CURRENT INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR — An unadmitted lack of confidence makes you careful to avoid open conflict and you feel you must make the best of things as they are.

Free Insightful Personality Test
a seekerIt’s all about you:
Stepping lightly (perhaps the wrong word) round the subject of how your life could improve, you’re in need of a complete overhaul. Remember, slow and steady wins the race; or at least finishes it.
Find an outlet for all that pent up creativity. If that means running bare foot howling at the wind, then that’s… er… cool, but also welcome a bit of structure into your life. Word to the wise: you’ve got good ideas, find your voice, but always take advice.
Nothing beats fresh air – except maybe water. But they are both essentials. You can’t be cooped up for long; you thrive off wide-open space. You answer the call of the wild with a primal scream; else a wander up a hill with a flask will do the trick.

Seemingly concentrating on the task in hand is what you do best. You are adaptable and flow through life, living it better than the rest of us.
When you think a problem through and see a solution, you can get frustrated when no one else sees it too (baring your gums gives it away). But unless they are mind readers you are going to have to learn to pipe up shy boots.
An average day can pass with you trying hard… to… you know… really try hard, to try hard: err… not sure we get what you mean. Seems like you are taking the challenge a step too far. We could tell you to reimagine your long-term goals (do you have them?), understand the wider impact of your decisions (did you make any?), but really you need to stop sweating it and (try to) be cool.You see the big picture, but you can have a tendency to get carried away with an idea without examining all the facts. Challenge yourself to be more rigorous, make sure you’ve really investigated things before you get too involved.
Concentrate on the things in life you have control over. Leave the big problems in life – a dwindling economy, air-borne diseases – to the experts. Give yourself a break (because no one else will). Break things down to manageable bites… it will make life palatable.

Downtime? You consider yourself pretty creative so you get busy with you art supplies and rustle up your next masterpiece. Handed out as birthday presents, these may never get hung. But they are loved!
Wound so tight your body shows the signs of so much tension, your eyes are bulging. Now you don’t want to hear this but you might want to… chill out. If that did not make you explode and shut down your browser then here is a little more advice. Take it easy. You put yourself under massive stress, life is becoming a long list of things to do, and you are losing sight of how to enjoy it. So once in while, ignore an email and don’t take a call – sit down, gawp out the window and do nothing – it feels good.

So a clandestine glance might work for some – but you need to feel physical affection.
Loyal and supportive, you like to be ’there’ for a partner. But it isn’t all stoicism, as you require a dose of fun in your love life. In a long-term relationship you look for a match – someone who doesn’t mind kicking about – just the two of you. And although you can be committed you are unashamedly flirty; batting your lashes or flexing your pecs – whichever comes easiest – in the most mundane, everyday situations.

One thing is for sure – you ain’t no philistine! As long as you count marathon box sets and the occasional reality show as proper culture.
It costs good money to be this smart, and investing in intelligence is money worth spending.
For you, getting away from it all means a two-day drive and four-day trek to pitch a tent in the wilderness, only to have to pack it all up and head back a day later. Well at least you made it, right?

Seems like your nose is never far from a book: a pulp fiction, or a Mills and Boon – you’ve studied the great works of our time. And if you haven’t then you just watch the DVD.
Put down the gilded harp and hold off on the bandit hold-up. Seems like you are richer in time than you are in hard cash. But money maybe is not the problem, more the goals you set your sights on?
But a word to the wise: enjoy your hobbies and the unruly nature of learning something new. Chances are that song you wrote, or soufflé you baked, or picture you scrawled will be loved… most of all… by you: that is the point.
Don’t make excuses; there is no lack of like-minded peeps to share your passion. You know about the Internet (you’re on it now) – people are out there like you, tapping away behind their laptop screens – meet them.
From time to time your imagination can run away with you. Neither lateral nor linear, your sideways view on things makes you unique… and a bit of an oddball – in a good way obvs!

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Det sista testet var det som var roligast, men det var nog för att det bestod av bilder och förmodligen det av testen som stämmer bäst på mig.


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