lance sweetsWhat Bones Character Are You?
You are Dr Lance Sweets!
Dr. Sweets is a psychiatrist assigned to Booth and Brennan after the F.B.I. feels the conflict between them may be affecting their working relationship. The character made his first appearance in the third season premiere and his portrayer, John Francis Daley, became a main cast member from the ninth episode, ”The Santa in the Slush”, onwards. As part of the third season’s ongoing storyline concerning the serial killers collectively known as The Gormogon, Sweets helps Booth and Brennan identify possible victims and profile the Gormogon.
Sweets is 22 years old, which causes Booth to be condescending towards him. Through season 4, however, Booth begins to show a grudging respect for the psychologist, often asking for his professional help on cases. This respect may be due to Sweets ability to stand his ground against Booth. He has the ability to effectively talk to both Booth and Brennan in the language appropriate to each. Sweets is trained as a profiler and has to date assisted Booth and Bones on many cases, finding even dull lab-work new and exciting.

”Point of investigation: how do masters find their apprentices? Not on Craigslist – I checked.”
”Come on! Remember? [indicates his office] Zone of truth. Right here.”
”As adults we’re imbued by the pragmatic ruitines of life, which makes it difficult for us to regard anything with childlike wonder. But, you know, it’s alright for us to try. We put on silly hats, and drape trees with sparkly lights, and wrap gifts in garish paper, and that’s good for us. It’s not only alright for us to allow children the transient experience of innocence and joy, it’s our responsibility.”


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