Quiz again

What Emotion Are You?
beautyYou are beautiful, whether it be on the inside, the outside, or both.
People are drawn to you as strongly as you are drawn to the beauty in the world around you.

What major is right for you?
liberal_artsYou should strongly consider majoring (or minoring) in History, Anthropology, or related major (e.g. Classical Studies, Cultural Studies, Economics, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Geography, International Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, Women’s Studies or other Liberal Arts major.)
You should strongly consider majoring (or minoring) in the Visual or Performing Arts (e.g. Art, Art Education, Art History, Cermaics, Culinary Arts, Dance, Drawing, Fashion Design, Film, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Marketing (advertising), Music, Music Education, Music Theory, Painting, Photography, Theatre).
((Well I vote for the first result, I like everything in that one exept economics (which I kinda hate) and I can’t say I’m really fond of Greek or Hebrew, but I have nothing against it either. The other result (I got 88% on them both) I like some of.. the art and music-parts, but definitly not marketing and theatre (don’t get me wrong, I like watching theatre, but nothing more, one of my ex-boyfriends destroyed all joy I had in theatre, theatre is kinda connected to him and he doesn’t give me a good feeling… fucking unfaithful bastard). The desing-stuff I feel rather neutral for.))

Which Doctor Who are you?
10th doctorYou are the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)
Your sharp, irreverent humour both amuses and exasperates people.
You’ve got a roving eye and keen mind – you’re definitely going places…

Which New Doctor Who Companion Are You Most Like?
rose tylerYou are Rose!
You are courageous, compassionate, and loyal, and can also be very stubborn. You never stay put when you are told to and you are very sharp in complicated situations. The Doctor likes you because you are willing to take risks and you know just what to say to him. You always take a stand, never give up and never take no for an answer. You’re always there for the Doctor and when he isn’t there you try to figure things out yourself. You love the Doctor in many ways and because of that you will do anything to help him.

Which Classical Music Composer Are You?
schubertFranz Schubert (Vienna 1797 – Vienna 1828)
Schubert was singing in a choir as a boy, but later quit to help his father out as a teacher. He grew tired of the classroom, and decided to become an independent composer. He since lived in poverty. An introvert, he only had few true friends who helped him out financially. Schubert was most famous for his ”songs” and he established the German Lied as a new form of art. The disease that caused his death at age 32 is still the subject of debate. Some think he died of syphillis, some suggest he died of typhoid fever.

What Art Movement Are You?
impressionismYou Are Impressionism!
You tend to focus on color and movement in art.
For you, seeing the big picture is much more important than recording every little detail.
You can find inspiration anywhere… especially from nature.


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