Quiz: Which Ghost Hunt Character Are You?

YOU ARE: John Brown!
You’re a very selfless person who’s pleasant to absolutely everyone. You’re always there to lend a helping hand and people know they can always rely on you. You sometimes get nervous, especially when it’s a subject you’re uncomfortable with, and you can become very worried when you think something bad is going to happen. However, you’re courageous and you’d do anything for anyone else. It’s very hard to dislike you, although people can sometimes find you a little annoying, but it’s probably because they’re not used to people like you and they’re wondering if you’re just putting it on – you’re not. You give most things to other people without really thinking about it- but once in a while, you do enjoy getting something back.
You can find the quiz here.

(A fun thing about this result is that he is my fav-char in this anime and I think we kinda have the same personality. Another funny, and a bit weird thing too, is that when I checked him up I saw that we share the same birthday, January 5th, and the same blood type ((if my mum has right ‘cause I had to ask her about my blood type)). You must admit that’s a bit freaky!)



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