3 quizes


What animal are you and your magical ability?
You are an otter. Otter people are kind, friendly, gentle and cheerful. People come to you for help if they are hurt. You are usually the doctor of the village. The powers of the three stages for otter are; 1st- Healing lesser wounds 2nd- Power becomes stronger and you can tell if someone is ill by looking at them 3rd- You can preform complex surgeries with little fear of a fatality.
Extras- Otters play important roles during war so must also be strong, but they are already 🙂
(Otters are cute ^^)

What kind of anime personality are you?
Pure –
You’re a very kind soul and are always willing to help the good guys.
(Well, I try to be like that anyway.)

What Anime Personality Are You?
You are quiet and reserved. Calm, peaceful and sensible, best describes your personality. You do not like conflict, and not likely to do things which may generate conflict. Loyal and faithful. You take pride and responsibility in everything you do. You are a loyal and reliable friend.
(Yeah that’s kinda fit me well.)



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