Caiseal Mór & Ōe Hikari

(autism challenge day 15)

So I was going to write about a famous person with an ASD, but I couldn’t choose between Caiseal Mór and Ōe Hikari, so I took them both. 😛

Caiseal Mór is an Australian author and musician. He is of Irish decent and his name is Gaelic for ”great stone fort”. He have mostly written fantasy novels, but also non-ficiton and an autobiography. Caiseal share his life with his partner Helen Wells, who have made several illustarations for his books. One of the illustarations is the cover to his autobiography. He also makes drums out of recycled materials and holds workshops in trance drumming.

Ōe Hikari is an Japanese composer and the son of famous author Ōe Kenzaburō. He was born developmentally disabled and the doctors tried to convinve his parents to let him die, but they refused. He’ve gone through operations but are still visually impaired, developmentally delayed, epileptic and have limited physical coordination and he rarely speaks. His first words came when he was outside walking with his parents and he heard a bird singing and he then echoed what a man had said on one of his CDs containing birdsong. Hikari’s parents then bought CDs with birdsongs and he learned them all and that’s how they figured out how he could express himself. They hired a music teacher for him and the teacher learned him how to use the piano to express his feelings and talk to the world. As an adult he creates chamber music and his first CD sold more then one million copies on it’s first years of release.



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