Personality quizes

Where does your soul belong?
In the Rain
Stubborn, responsible, loving, sacrificing, selfless, courage. Mysterious, quiet but unafraid. Caring, never showing weakness, a magnet for the terrible, but always working to assure that it’s pain never inflicts on others. Truthful, reliable, a strong sense of self. Head-strong, feeling, moving, touching, remarkable. The rain is of the immortal self that never does seem to change unlike the rest. The courage that has always been there, the love that is invinciable. Your heart & soul lies with the falling rain because what might first feel gloomy is really the most extrodinary thing in your life.
(That sounds like a nice personality, but I’m not sure if that fits me, but I would love it to be true.)

Which Fantasy Creature/Magical Being Does Your Personality Fit?
A Wood Nymph (Dryad)
Your personality fits that of a Wood Nymph, daughter of Zeus, as long as the woodlands live, you spirit will live. you do your best to protect nature and all thats beautiful in this world, you are both beautiful and attractive on the outside and the inside which is a rare gift, use it well.
(Hehe, well I love trees anyway 😛)

What magical creature fits your personality?
You’re gentle and shy. You usually don’t talk much and aren’t very social. You are secluded and mysterious, but if someone nice takes the time, patience and kindness to know you better, they can have a really meaningful relationship with you. Your very peacefull and has a great character. You like places that look magical, from the water to the land. You like the colour silver because it looks magical.
(Hmm.. I do like unicorns, but who doesn’t. I’m not sure how much that fits me though.)

What’s Your Style Personality?
You are Romantic!
As a romantic, you are inspired by all things feminine. Your wardrobe is made up of sheer chiffon, delicate lace and luxe silks in a color palette that is soft and sweet. You embrace your girlishness and feel most comfortable in playful frocks and flowing skirts. Because of your appreciation for nostalgia, you are often drawn to vintage and retro pieces that have a history behind them. Channeling the coquettish appeal of icons like ingénue Brigitte Bardot your personal style is charming, demure and unfailingly elegant.
(Haha I actually like that kind of clothing, but I just never buy that kind of stuff. Mainly ‘cause, well.. nah I don’t know why actually.)

What language are you supposed to speak?
(You got to be kidding -.- This can’t be my result. Now it’s official, Germany is trying to take over the world >.< 😛)


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