Myers Briggs and Star Trek

Found a site with MBTI and Star Trek characters.
It was fun to read about which characters had each personality.
Here comes the list.

ESTJ – The Supervisor: William Riker and B’Elanna Torres
ISTJ – The Inspector: Spock and Miles O’Brien
ESFJ – The Provider: Leonard McCoy
ISFJ – The Protector: Beverly Crusher and Chakotay

ESTP – The Promoter: Geordi La Forge, Montgomery Scott and Tasha Yar
ISTP – The Crafter: Odo and Wesley Crusher
ESFP – The Performer: Kathryn Janeway and Tom Paris
ISFP – The Composer: Bareil and The Doctor

ENFJ – The Teacher: Deanna Troi and Jake Sisko
INFJ – The Counselor: Benjamin Sisko
ENFP – The Champion: James Kirk and Julian Bashir
INFP – The Healer: Garak and Kes

ENTJ – The Fieldmarshal: Q and Quark
INTJ – The Mastermind: Jean-Luc Picard and Seven of Nine
ENTP – The Inventor: Harry Kim
INTP – The Architect: Worf

(WordPress seems to hate me right now and won’t alove me to write in Italic or make any links. So I put the link to the site here for now: )



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