My day

(Autism challenge day 12)

The day started at about 12:30, so I slept kinda late.
But it was nice- I almost slept 12 hours :O But I needed it.
Then I ate some cheerios and milk for breakfast while watching Daria and then Dino’s dad came here and Dino’s mum, dad and brothers ate lunch and then we drank coffee with them. After that I and Dino went grocery shopping and when we finnished with that we ate at McDonalds and then we went back to his place.
And now I’m sitting here while he is in the shower.

So, how have my autism affected the day?
When I woke up I got a bit anxious for sleeping so late and not got up the time I usually do. So it was a change in routine.
On the tube and in the stores I was more or less anxious all the time due to all the people and all smells and noises and sounds and things around me and they had changed the interior of one of the shops. It almost got too much for me, but I could handle it, much ‘cause of Dino, he makes me feeling more calm and secure.
When we should eat I got nervous ‘cause what if the usual thing I eat there was out of stock? Then I would not have been able to eat. But they had it so it went ok. And then there was all that sensory stuff there too even though it was unusually quiet for being a McDonald’s restaurant in city.
Oh and I always have to sit in the same place in the bus.
I guess that was all. It may not sound like much but it is energy-intensive anyway, especially all the sensory stuff.
I can’t really describe it well :/



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