Nightcrawler <3

Most people doesn’t know that I love X-Men.
No I’m not a hardcore fan who knows everything about X-Men, mainly ‘cause I haven’t been able to read so many of the comics.
But anyway, one of my fav characters is Nightcrawler a.k.a. Kurt Wagner.
He is so cute!
Yes I know he has blue-blackish fur, yellow eyes, fangs, tail, only three fingers and two toes with a toe-like thing on his heels. But he is cute anyway.
Well to the point, I know many X-Men fans doesn’t like the X-Men movies, but I do and when I was YouTube searching I found a nice Nightcrawler music video (and yes it does annoy me that he looks so different in the movies then what he ”should” do)

And here are a couple of ”real” pics of the cutie ^-^

I just found another video too.
Nightcrawler ❤ Storm ^-^
Sooo cute.



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