Book Review: Wild Orchid by Beverley Brenna

(Autism Challenge Day 4)

The book is about 18-years old Taylor who have Asperger’s syndrome, her mum, her mum’s new boyfriend and being on the border between child and adult.
Taylor is forced to go with her mum to Prince Albert National Park so that her mum can spend the summer with her new boyfriend. Taylor doesn’t want to go at all since she don’t know the place. But the summer doesn’t turn out as she thought it would and perhaps the summer could bring both a boyfriend and a hint of what the future could be.

I think this book is a good and easy introduction to a girl with AS.
I recognize myself in Taylor on several areas, but sometimes I got annoyed about how insensitive she could be (even though I know she doesn’t do it on purpose). But then I’ve heard that I tend to be too sensitive, so perhaps that’s the cause for my annoyance with her actions. But generally a good book and something you could read if you want to have a more inside information about AS, and not just the clinical facts.



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