The signs of autism

(Autism Challenge Day 1 – The Signs of Autism)

Babies/Small kids
* No respond to or overreaction to loud sounds.
* Doesn’t follow moving objects with their eyes.
* Doesn’t grasp and hold objects.
* Doesn’t smile at people.
* Doesn’t babble.
* Don’t pay attention to new faces.
* Doesn’t seem to recognize familiar faces.
* Avoid eye contact.
* Doesn’t turn their head to locate where sounds come from.
* Shows no affection towards familiar persons.
* Smiles and laugh without no apparent reason.
* Doesn’t try to attract attention through actions.
* Have no interest in normal baby/toddler games like peek-a-boo.
* Doesn’t crawl.
* Doesn’t say words or speak very little/no sentences or learn to talk fluently very early.
* Doesn’t use gestures like shaking their heads for no and waving for hi.
* Doesn’t point at objects.
* Doesn’t seem to know how to use common houshold objects like a phone and knife and fork.
* Doesn’t imitate other people or do the same imitation over and over again, like put their doll to rest in the same way over and over again.
* Doesn’t follow or have big troubles following instruction.
* Doesn’t want to be cuddled or doesn’t reach out to be picked up.

Older kids
* Appears uninterested or unaware of other people.
* Doesn’t know how to connect with others, play or make friends.
* Doesn’t play ”pretend” games or play them in a very repetitive way.
* Has trouble understanding and/or talking about feelings.
* Doesn’t share interests with others.
* Repetitive use of words and/or sentences.
* Speaks with an unusal tone of voice.
* Refers to tehmself in third person. (Tanya want to… insted of I want to…)
* Have difficulties communicating their needs and asking for help.
* Takes things literally.
* Use unappropriate facial gestures.
* Use few gestures.
* Have sensory issues.
* Clumsiness and/or unusual body postures and/or movements (like walking on tiptoe.)
* Obsessive behaviours.
* Unusual attatchment to toys/objects and/or unusual playing with toys/objects.
* Likes to order and line up things.
* Have difficulties with changes.
* Are preoccupied with a certain subject.

* Few friends and/or relationships.
* May feel out of sync with their peers.
* A feeling of chronic fatigue.
* Depression and anxiety due to not fiting in, feeling misunderstood and not knowing was ”wrong” with them.
* Have problems with empathy and sharing thoughts.
* Lacking in expressive language.
* Even though they may be able to talk at age-appropriate level they may have difficulties understanding what others mean when they talk to them.
* Occupied with certain objects and/or subjects.
* Sleep problems and/or a unusual ”24-hour period”.

The signs under each age period can be seen in the others too. Like a teen can have signs from small kids.



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