Do angels exist?

So this is going to be a bit fluffy post, so if you don’t like things that are ”illogical” you should not continue reading.

So, for as long as I can remember I have felt like I have wings.
I know it’s insane, but I can’t help it. It just feels this way.
I know I actually don’t have any and yes I know I’m human.
But I can really feel them there on my back and I can feel when people thoush them, plus when I get scared I can often feel how I strech them and let them hide me (I don’t know exactly how to describe it).
An other weird thing is that my mum have told me that I said to her when I was around 3 years old that I didn’t belong here and when she asked me where I belonged I pointed up towards the sky.
That’s really really weird. When she told me that it creeped me out!
But anyway, yesterday I just went googling on ”it feels like I have wings” and I got a lot of info about incarnated angels and otherkin (kinda feels like the same way exept that incarnated angels are more new age nice fluffy then otherkin).
I’m not sure I believe in it (I mean me having the ”soul/spirit” of an angel, that’s just bizarre.) but there was so much that fits on me.
But anyway, here comes a summary of what I’ve found.

  • Incarnated angels are not superior to other life forms
  • There is two types of incarnated angels. One is the heavenly/holy ones and the other is the fallen ones.
  • They can be called both incarnated angels and angelkin. But the word angels are actually a wrong word since they are celestial beings not tied to a certain religion.
  • The heavenly/holy angelkins are usually here to learn how it is to be a human and/or to help humans. (I didn’t found any specifics about the fallen ones).
  • Are usually creative people.
  • Have problems with communication so prefer to communicate through music, art and/or writing.
  • Are sensitive to light, sound and/or touch.
  • Feels energies easy (including emotions)
  • Feel a presence of phantom wings.
  • Feel out of sync with their body.
  • Is partly in this world and partly in the spiritual world.
  • Have a strong inner belif. (but must not be religious.)
  • Feel out of place in the world.
  • Have problem with chronic fatigue and eating disorders (usually overeating)
  • Feel like they have a duty to improve peoples life. Tend to think about others before themself.
  • Great listeners
  • Have problems with accepting help. They feel guilty when needing help and want to take care of their personal problems by themself and not bother anyone else with them.
  • Have difficulties with saying no.
  • Incarnated angels have their angelic powers bound by specific spells, sigils etc.
  • They tend to educate themself in the are which they worked with in the celestial world,


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