30 Day Autism Challenge

Day 1 – Write about the signs of autism.

Day 2 – Link to a site that have good information about autism and write little about it.

Day 3 – Write about some tools that have helped you.

Day 4 – Make a book review on a good autism-related book.

Day 5 – What’s your view on a future cure for autism.

Day 6 – Do you know any good place to meet others with autism?

Day 7 – Recommend a good autism-related blog.

Day 8 – What’s your idea of a fun day?

Day 9 – When did you get your ASD diagnosis? Do you think your life would have been different if you had got it earlier/later?

Day 10 – Write about an autism organisation.

Day 11 – Make a movie review about a good autism-related movie.

Day 12 – Write about your day. In which way have your autism affected your day?

Day 13 – What’s the good things with having an ASD?

Day 14 – What’s the bad things with having an ASD?

Day 15 – Write about a famous person with autism.

Day 16 – Have you tried any autism-diet? If you have, how did it go? If not, why have you not tried one?

Day 17 – Do you have any special interest? If so, write a little about it and why you like it. Do you think it’s a common interest for people with ASD?

Day 18 – Post at least one good autism pic.

Day 19 – Link to a good ASD YouTube video.

Day 20 – Do you have any sensory issues? If you have, which ones and how?

Day 21 – Have you seen any autism-related differences between males and females with ASD? If so, what differences have you seen?

Day 22 – How do you think? Visual? In words? In sounds? In any other way? Mixed ways?

Day 23 – How do you perceive feelings? What kinds of feelings can you distinct and how do they feel?

Day 24 – What’s the best things with meeting other peoples?

Day 25 – What’s the worst things with meeting other peoples?

Day 26 – Would you like to be more social then you are? Why/Why not?

Day 27 – Make a picture (in any way you like) that symbolize autism to you and post it here.

Day 28 – How is/was school to you? Did you get the help/support you needed?

Day 29 – Do you have any ”safety-object” (a thing that makes you feel more calm and safe)? If so what is that object?

Day 30 – What do you do to raise awareness about ASD?



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