Update in english

So I will finally update in english, sorry guys for leting you all waiting.
Hmm let’s see, what have I not told in english yet…
Yeah, I know I have not written that I’ve got an apartment in a ”supported housing”, so I soon gonna move, perhaps next week I am told.
I’m going to live their until I get a ”training apartment”.
I’ve been their and got some info (which I don’t remember much of) and checking some things out. The place seems good. Or well I actually don’t know, ‘cause since I only remember the stuff I saw and not what was being told it all mix with the nightmare I’ve had about the place and n ow I feel mostly confused about what’s real and what’s not real.
But I guess it will be sorted out in the end.

I’ve also become an auntie, but this time it’s my brother and his girlfriend who have got a kid. It’s their first and I think they will be good parents.

My mood lately have been weird.
I can’t really describe how it is.
But I kinda feel hyperactive/restless and exhausted and sad at the same time.
I’m even more oblivious and confused then normal.

I was going to write something more but I forget what.
But now you english-speaking readers have got yourself an update.


7 thoughts on “Update in english

  1. La Kolavskaya skriver:

    (does this page accept ‘Kommenterata’ in English, also? 🙂

    I’m glad to find that your accomodation has worked out… and I’m equally not all that surprised you’re confused about what has or hasn’t been said and/or shown to you… I believe moving house ranks well up within the five highest stress-causing events, next to marriage, loss of a loved one, and a couple of things that sound more drastic at face value ;-).

    We’re hoping to move one day, and I’ve not managed to get this done for some many years. There’s too many good reasons to stay here (or too many bad reasons about any possible new placed and how bad they could be), but this place is unhealthy nonetheless. But moving, with all the trash that I’ve gathered over the last 1+1/2 decades, scared the crap out of me; almost literally, teeheehee…

    I wish you SO much luck, also later, with the ‘training apartment’, even though I’m not 100% sure what that is, I have some romantic ideas about it; and if any of them fit, that’d sound like a damned-fine thing … well, I hope so, anyway.

    Good on you for taking little breaks; it’s straining enough.

    Wishing tones of luck with your new abode and with the direction(s) this will all hopefully take you into (in which ever direction, exactly, they may turn out to be wandering :-).

    Må Väl! – Alles Beste! – All the Very Best!
    Sāndra-Tatiana (Malinka)

    P. S. It’s not worth linking up to my WordPress account, though I’d not fobid it you, coz I don’t know what I have it for… (was actually just trying to familiarize myself with its interface and, if at all, might install it fully on my computer at later point). I ‘might’ do a tech-blog, but I doubt I’ll find the time and have the inclination to keep it going in any useful way. There’s nothing there to read, unless you’re interested in half an unfinished article on how to clone Windows to a 4Kb-sector size hard drive (which is definitely less exciting that how a combine harvester or a locomotive work… I promise ;-). I only logged in to be allowed to post the above comments on your post.

    • kaosprinsessa skriver:

      Thanks ^^ Yeah I can understand why you don’t wanna move with all your stuff 😛
      A training apartment is an apartment the municipalty/social service rent for me (for me to live in) and I pay my rent to them. It’s for me to learn to take care of a place of my own. But I will get housing aid during the time.

      • La Kolavskaya skriver:

        That sounds like a very good scheme. It can be daunting to have to ‘look after oneself’ (and sometimes it can’t be done without social help’), but I found living on my own the best ‘training’ for also making all the amends that living together with another requires, including taking on financial responsibilities for ‘basics’, such as rent, bills, shopping &c. Sounds profane, but when that stuff runs sort-of by itself, it’s so much easier to focus on the things that really matter.

        Strange how we’re taught maths at school, but no book keeping, and how we’re taught to read and write, but not how to cook and clean a bathroom or make a bed ;-).

        Best of Luck with all that! Sounds like a real chance, and I hope you can make use of it in your best way (and only will know / might find out what that exactly means and entails).

      • kaosprinsessa skriver:

        Yeah it’s werid that we don’t learn ”how to live” at schools. Like all this every day stuff you have to do as a grown up, I think they should teach that too.

      • La Kolavskaya skriver:

        I mean, just look at the amount of people who have a driving licence but have never learnt how to finance a car properly; not just buying it but incl. insurance, repairs, tax, maintenance, &c… you know what I mean 😉

        … and there are a 1001 such examples :p

  2. La Kolavskaya skriver:

    Post Scriptum: Think about it this way. No-one actually knows ‘how to live’ – it just sorta ‘happens’ to them and hopefully works out, sometimes – and even if they did, it’d take them a lifetime to tell you. And there’s another problem: Teachers and the decision makers (often teacher themselves) in education have, by default of having these jobs, succeeded well-enough in the system they believe in; furthermore, many of them have actually never done anything else but going to school: 1st as pupils; then 2nd, if successful, as students of ‘how to teach’; and 3rd as teachers, perhaps even until retirement. Some of those guys & dolls have never actually taken part in ‘real’ life, which sometimes doesn’t involve books, marking (or being marked) for efforts, but actually being ‘penalized’ for, say, not behaving well, by – oops! – simply loosing a really important job or client, or whatever else have you. I’m not saying all teachers are like that, but teachers in these countries where schooling is all ‘very-well-organized’ by education authorities, many of them are. Remember, I grew up in Germany; the country that used to think they have (and still kids itself to be having) ‘the best education in the World’… well; whenever that was, it wasn’t in my days, I can tell you that much :p

    Just some thoughts on ‘who would’ (should, could, &c) teach us anything about life, in school, at all. At least in the UK they do a semester or so of ‘home economics’. I wasn’t even taught how to hold a cooking pot or how to use a calculator for shopping (rather than calculus and complex numbers, haahaha)… and so forth… hope I didn’t put a downer on things; You’re gonna find out your own way; the advantage of that being that you get your own, bespoke, tailor-made, cut-to-size way of dealing with life. I don’t want to sound presumtious, but I have a feeling you might be a bit too smart to do it ‘everybody else’s way’ and fair better in the long run going it yourself.

    My crossed fingers shall be with you at all times 🙂 !

    • kaosprinsessa skriver:

      Hehe I have to ask my housing aid about the german schools 😛 He is german… hehe.
      Well we read about how to eat and such, but not much more then that.
      Yeah hopefully I will.


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