Crazy stats!

So I just checked my stats on my dashboard and I couldn’t really believe it so I went checking the more detailed stats and it’s f*cking unbelievable!
My visitor rates has grown with almost 28% during august and I now have an average of 52 visitors per day!!
Like WTF!!! o.O
What is so interesting with my blog?
Don’t misunderstand me, I like that ppl for some strange reason like what I write, but I don’t get why.
Most ppl irl seem to not like my interest and stuff like that, or perhaps it’s just me in person they don’t like.
‘Cause I’m more myself online then irl and irl-me seem to annoy some ppl.
I don’t know why. Wish i knew though ‘cause then perhaps I could change.
But anyway back to the subject. all of you who read my blog, it actually make me feel at least little important.
I’m really grateful that you like what I write.
And I wish that you will…



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