Interior Design Colors

So a friend of mine recently asked me which colors I would like to have in my home if I could choose what ever colors I want to (‘cause it was about a place that you own and not just rent). I know she will probably read this and she will probably be suprised at the result (just like perhaps others will too). ‘Cause even though I like bright colors (my fav colors are all kind of blue-greens, orange and pink) I would not want my home to consist of them.
So this is the colors I would prefer if money wasn’t an issue and I owned my own place 😛


2 thoughts on “Interior Design Colors

  1. Anonym skriver:

    nej jag har oxå favoritfärger och så som jag tycker är vackra, men jag skulle verkligen inte vilja ha dom på till exempel väggarna…


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