Different styles of punk fashion

Anarcho punk

All black clothing and combat boots.

Celtic punk
Traditional punk fashion mixed with celtic fashion like kilts, grandfather shirts and Tam o’ Shanter caps.

Punk meets country.

Crust punk
Dreadlocks, patches, a lot of tears and holes and dirt.

Glam punk
One of the earliest forms of punk. Glitter, neon colors, drainpipe jeans and unusual costumes.

Gypsy punk
Eastern Europe mixed with punk.

Have several different styles within the styles but they all like to mosh 😛 which have nothing to do with style though 😛
Some common seen fashion items are military and cargo pants, baggy jeans, work pants, band t-shirts, athletic wear, Vans, Converse and Dr. Martens.

Pop punk
Wristbands, converse, plaided skirts and pants, skinny jeans, cartoon t-shirts and hoodies, brightly colored hair. Have many emo elements in their fashion.

Rockabilly meets punk.

Street punk/Oi
Bondage trousers, mohawks, spikes and studs, leather jackets, bullet belts, DIY, military boots… well these are the kind of punks people usually think of when someone mentions punk (at least those in my age).



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