My 10 most played songs for time being

10.) Eaten – Bloodbath

I don’t really know why I love this song. But then I have always foung gorey stuff appealing.

9.) Suicide Season – Bring Me The Horizon

No comments on this one really.

8.) Nyphetamine – Cradle of Filth

This song have a special emotional value to me.
It’s private so I wont tell it.

7.) Monster – Skillet

I guess I’m not the only one feeling like I have a monster inside me who wants to come out.

6.) Six Foot Deep – Creature Feature

Somehow I recognize a part of myself in this song.

5.) A Gorey Demise – Creature Feature

This one is just plain funny ^^

4.) Crawling in the Dark – Hoobastank

This is a song that put some of my thoughts into words.

3a.) Dear Agony – Breaking Benjamin

Well same as above.

3b.) Blow Me Away – Breaking Benjamin

Just like the song, perhaps ‘cause it’s been in several good amvs.

2.) Savin’ Me – Nickelback

A mix of emotional value and recognition.

1.) Hopeless – Breaking Benjamin

Well this one put my thought into words, well at least summarize them.



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