Mori Girl Challenge Day 25-27

What’s your favorite animal and why?

The turtle is proably my totem… and I really loooove cats… BUT my favorite animal is actually the red panda (or firefox as itäs also called.)
Well it’s just adorable and it seem to have a nice way of living.
I just wish that ppl would stop hunting them for their fur 😦
They are soon extinct 😦

When you’re out in nature, where do you often find yourself? (in the woods, a lake, river, etc. what’s your favorite spot? Describe it for us!)

I don’t have any specific place I go to here in Stockholm.
But both in Vaxjö and in Jemtland I had forests I used to go to.
I love forests of all kinds.
I love trees, moss, the stones.. well everything (exept the spiders since I have aracnophobia).

What’s your favorite fairy tale or myth?

I love so many, but I think The Beauty and The beast is one of them anyway.
And no I don’t mean the Disney version, I mean the ”real” one.
They are fairly much different.



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