Mori Girl Challenge Day 21-24

Where do you get most of your mori girl closet?

Well, where I get all more odd items…
Thrift Shops!

What trends do you see taking the mori girl community by storm soon?

I have absolutly no idea at all.
I think that’s hard to say.
And I also think it’s fairly personal.
Not all Mori Girls use all Mori Girl stuff there is.

Is your hair long or short? What’s your favorite hairstyle?

My hair is somewhere in the middle.
I wouldn’t call it long neither short.
Hmm.. favorite hairstyle…
The one I think is most beautiful are really long wavy hair, but the one I feel best in are kinda the length I have now.

Give us a mori girl inspired vignette!(a short, impressionistic scene that focus on one moment or gives a particular insight into a character, idea, or setting) Don’t fret too hard over it, we’re not all writers by trade, haha.

(Well I will do the best I can for now. And as you proably know, I’m no native english-speaker.)

I siting in the sun on a soft blanket I have had since I was a little kid.The sun is gentle and warm, but not hot, and the air smells of fresh and sweet spring flowers.
I’ve fled the turmoil at home and have once again sought refuge in my own little paradise. And I’m not only meaning the book I’m reading, but also the small clearing I like to visit. The clearing is sourrounded by old birches, whose leaves just have start to grow and looks like small mouse-ears. The grass is emerald green and the sun casts its amber light on the windflowers that grows there.
I sigh and rise my head to strech my aching neck. I’ve probably read to long, but reading is the best medicine for upset feelings and sad hearts. I’m stroking the book tenderly over its cover. I really love this old leatherbound book. You know that kind of book that smells safety and makes people think you’re crazy for not reading a more modern pocket book story.
My body feels tired and heavy, and so does my head and I peer up at the periwinkle-blue sky. I have no idea how long I’ve been siting hear, reading in the sun. I don’t really want to go home and back to the chaos of a world that feels strange and unreal to me, but I can’t be siting here all day long without both food and water.
So I slip my beloved book into my violet canvas tote bag and leave my little heaven for this time.



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