Good folklore/witchcraft movies

There is a lot of movies about folklore and witchcraft out there, but few are showing it in a good way. Ofc I do like horror movies with evil witches and stuff but I also like the more real ones. So here comes a little list of more realistic portraited movies about witchcraft and folklore. A couple of them I have mentioned before in other posts, but ppl search on different things so I thought them worth to mention again.

Ondine: This movie is about a irish fisherman who finds a women in his net.
Could she be a selkie?

The Secret of Roan Inish: ”10-year-old Fiona is sent to live with her grandparents in a small fishing village in Donegal, Ireland. She soon learns the local legend that an ancestor of hers married a Selkie – a seal who can turn into a human. Years earlier, her baby brother washed out to sea in a cradle shaped like a boat; someone in the family believes the boy is being raised by the seals. Then Fiona catches sight of a naked little boy on the abandoned Isle of Roan Inish and takes an active role in uncovering The Secret of Roan Inish.” – from IMDB (I couldn’t find a trailer so the video is of the movies first 10 min.)

The Sacrifice: A Swedish movie. It’s Alexander’s birthday, but it’s not a good day ‘cause family intrigues and news about that the third wold war is about to start.
Alexander starts dreaming odd dreams and the philosophical postman Otto tells him that he has the power to redeem the world if he visits a solitary woman named Maria who Otto says is a witch.
This movie is a bit weird and can be hard to grasp but it’s very beautiful.

When the Raven Flies: ”Vikings pillage Ireland, seeking silver and slaves, slaying men and women in the process. A young boy is spared when a Viking takes pity on him instead of killing him. Iceland 20 years later: The boy returns to take his revenge on the killers, the Norwegian foster brothers; Thord and Eirik, by cunning and hidden weapons.” – From IMDB (the trailer is not good, but I couldn’t find anyone else)

The Pathfinder: About 1000 years ago the Tchude warriors came to the lands of Sami people. The movie is about a boy who witness his enitre family get slaughtered by this warriors, but he manage to escape and survive. He flees to the closest Sami camp but the people there gets worried that he have not covered up his tracks so they decide to go away and find a new place to live. But the boy remains so he can take revenge of his family. But the Tchude warriors get him first and force him to show the way to the other Sami people. He do as they say, but he plan to take his revenge before they get to the new Sami camp.

The Good Witch: Cassandra movies in to the local haunted house in a neat little town, and this is not liked by everyone. She is a mysterious woman who seem to know what everyone need and to talk to both animals and plants. Her new shop and mysterious behaviour makes people think she is a witch. There is 3 more movies about Cassandra Nightingale.
(couldn’t find a trailer for this one either, so I got you a part from the movie.)



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