Mori Girl Challenge Day 3-6

Have you ever lived in a rural environment?if you have, do you think it influenced your mori-ness?if you never have,  do you think living in a suburban or urban environment influenced your style any?

Yes I have lived in a rural environment and I ofc that has affected my life and who I am, and therefore it has affected my taste when it come to things, including clothes.

Name 5 things you love about mori girl.

1.) The layering

2.) The view on life.

3,) The dreamy and ethereal feeling it gives me.

4.) That you can make it very personal and that it doesn’t have that many rules.

5.) The fabrics
Name 5 things you dislike about mori girl.

1.) You can’t use really bright colors, like hot pink and orange.

2.) It can be difficult to find items that suits the style.

3.) Sometimes it get a little bit too warm with all the layering.

Hmm I can’t think of a 4th and 6th thing right now.

What sort of things, outside of fashion, do you consider to be part of a mori girl lifestyle?

All the simple things in your daily life that gives you joy and make everything worth living.
Like nice flowers, a smile, a cup of nice tea and a good book.
But also everything artistic, like painting, scrapbooking and photographing.



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