Horror Challenge Day 26-30

Your favorite horror film to watch as a child

Don’t know if I’ve already mentioned this one, but the horror movie I watched most as a kid was Child’s Play.

Your favorite guilty pleasure

What has this to do with horror movies?
I don’t really understand this question.

Your favorite horror film that no one’s ever heard of

Hmm… I’ve seen a lot of unheard horror movies (if you not a horror-fan like me).
But one of my favorite is The Pit.

Your least favorite horror film of all time

The Darkling, without hesitation.
It’s even so bad I couldn’t find anything about it on YouTube.
But you can find it on IMDB.

Your favorite horror film of all time

OMG! I like soooo many.
Which to choose.
I’ve already taken Rose Red and The Innocents, which are on my toplist.
I’ve also mantioned The Amityville Horror.
I think I choose The Reflecting Skin.


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