Horror Challenge Day 21-25

Your favorite medical horror film

Hmm I haven’t seen much horrors involving hospital, but Iäve seen some psychward movies.
One of my favorites among them are John Carpenter’s The Ward.

Not exactly medical, but it’s a hospital at least.

Your favorite horror themed TV show

Unfortunatly The x-files doesn’t count as horror according to imdb.com otherwise I would without hesitation have choose that show.
But now I choose American Gothic (very closed followed by The Addams Family).

Your favorite made for TV horror film

Well it’s actually not a movie but a mini series, only three parts and later sold as a long movie.
But I choose it anyway, and here it comes…. Rose Red.

Horror film in which you perfer the edited version over the director’s cut

I don’t know if I have seen both edited version and director’s cut of the same movies, so unfortunatly I can’t choose a movie here.

A horror film that you used to hate, but now like

Well I have to make you all disappointed, ‘cause there isn’t a horror movie that I have hated but then liked.
So I can’t choose a movie here either.


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