Horror Challenge Day 19 and 20

Your favorite horror film involving the powers of Hell or Satanism

No I’m not going to say The Exorcist or Rosmary’s Baby (even though I love Rosmary’s Baby too).
Actually I’m going to say a movie that many don’t like at all.
But I like it.
The atmpsphere is wonderful and it feel more ”real” then many other devil movies.
And the movie is The Ninth Gate.

Your favorite horror film involving a killer animal

I haven’t seen many killer animal movies and the few I’ve seen have usually been bad.
Yes I have seen Jaws but I thought that movie was boring.
But there is a movie I think is good but hate at the same time.
Aracnophobia is the name of that movie.
I guess I hate it ‘cause I actually got aracnophobia.



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