Horror Challenge Day 14-18

Your favorite zombie film

Hmm a tough one.
But I think I choose… The Zombie Diaries.
Most people don’t like this movie, but I do.
I can’t really say why I like it, it’s just… got that kind of feeling I like.

Your favorite horror film involving serial killers

Oh this one is easy ^^
One of my favorite movies is a serial killer-movie and it counts as a horror even though I don’t really think it’s a horror.
And the movie is From Hell.

Your favorite childhood themed horror film

I don’t really know what they mean with this.
Do they mean horrors with kids in it or what?
‘Cause if it is what I think it is I choose Darkness Falls.
It’s a creepy nyctophibic horror about the ”tooth fairy”.

Your favorite horror film remake

Hmm once again a tough one.
I don’t really know actually.
But I think I choose The Hills Have Eyes.

Your favorite foreign horror film

OMG! This one is REALLY tough.
I mean I love east asian horror movies.
But one of my favorites are Nightmare Detective.



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