Horror Challenge Day 10 and 11

Your favorite psychological horror film

OMG! This is sooo hard to choose.
I love psychological horrors and there is so many good ones.
Hmm… let’s see, which to choose….
..gaah I can’t choose just one!
So I choosed two 😛
Number one is…. The Haunting.
It’s so damn good!

(it’s better then what the trailer make it look like)

Number two is…. A Tale of Two Sisters.
It’s so nice and…well I can’t figure out how to describe it really, just watch it.

Your favorite science fiction horror film

I haven’t seen much sci-fi horrors, but one that I have seen and that I though was good was Ghosts of Mars.
Yes I know, another John Carpenter movie, but he is great.

But I also have to mention a sci fi horror I loved as a kid, Them!.
I mean giant nuclear mutated ants runing around in New Mexico, who don’t want to watch that 😛



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