Could Fox Mulder have Asperger’s syndrome?

So, lets check it out then…

Impaired social interaction
* He has very little facial expressions and body language.
* He has no friends exept Scully and The Lone Gunmen, but he don’t usually socialize with them.
* He seem to lack in emotional reciprocity.
* He seems to have some difficulties with understanding others.
* He have problems with authoroties.
* He doesn’t work well in groups.

Thinking, behaviour and routines
* He definitly is obsessed in the paranormal and almost whole his life is centered around that.
* In several episodes you can see him doing small ritual/routine-like actions.
* He seems to have a problem to think of other ways of doing things and other reasons why things happen then what he use to.
* He is a hoarder.
* He seems to have difficulties with organization.
* He has photographic memories.
* He can focus on things he like for long period of time, but he have little patience for things he don’t like.

Hmm… I think that’s all I can think of now. But you have to agree that he is a potential aspie.

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