Quiz Time!

Which Mermaid Princess Are You?
You’re Lucia the pink pearl mermaid princess ! You’re kind, sweet, lovable and helpful.

J-Pop Song, Which One Is You?

Which JPop Princess Are You?

The J-rock Test
Educated J-rock fan!
Congrats! You’ve shown that you know your stuff, but like any normal person you don’t go crazy over what bands to memorize the songs to and what indie bands are coming out the second they release a single in Japan. You have good taste in music, and you have a life. Good job.

What kind of love do you have?
Romantic Love –
Congratulations; this is the best kind of love on this planet.
This love is usually love at first sight, it starts as mutual and it’s lasting. Having this love, the lovers want to spend as much time together as possible and let everyone know that they love each other. This love is somewhat sexual in nature, but loving is more important.



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