Fairy Kei Challenge Day 1

5 things you like and 5 things you dislike about Fairy-Kei.

1. It’s freedom. There isn’t many rules in this style so you can make it very personal.
2. All the cute characters, like Care Bears and My Little Pony.
3. That it’s girly but not over the top as Decora can be.
4. All the beautiful colors. Even though you may not think so, I love pastel colors, especially mint green.
5. That the style allowes you to make your own stuff. I love all handmade Fairy Kei things out there and I love creating those kind of things.

1. It’s fairly hard to find good Fairy Kei clothes and shoes.
2. Sometimes it’s just too many layers to put on.
3. Everyone expect me to listen to bubbly popmusic only when I wear Fairy Kei, which I don’t.
4. It can be very expensive.
5. Don’t really have much to do with the style itself, but many ppl think I’m to old to dress like this.



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