Fairy Kei Challenge Day 5

5 of your favorite places to buy your clothes

The places come in no specific order.

1.) Second hand/Thrift shops

2.) H&M

3.) Rock/Goth/Punk Shops

4.) Monki

5.) Gina Tricot (just ‘cause they have cute t-shirts)


Horror Challenge Day 5

Your Favorite monster movie

Without hesitation I choose Godzilla.
And the japanese ones, not the american thing.
And yes I see Godzilla more as a onster then an animal (‘cause that question comes later).
The movies may not look much, but please give them a try.

This is just a very few of all the japanese Godzilla movies.

My top 5 tv-shows list

So which tv-shows are my favourite?
Well here they come.

1.) The X-files
Who can’t love the x-files. I mean it’s the best damn tv-show that have been made.
If you don’t love it, there is something seriously wrong with you 😉

2.) Star Trek: The Next Generation
Yeah I admit, I’m a Trekkie

3.) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager
Well what did I told you.
I said I was a Trekkie.

4.) Doctor Who (9th-11th doctor)

5.) Charmed
I just love these witchy sisters.
But I do admit that the new seasons when they have other identities aren’t good.

Horror Challenge Day 4

Your favorite werewolf film

I actually have two favourite werewolf movies, and I can’t just choose one of them.
So here they come.

The first one is Ginger Snaps.
The movie is about a teenager, Ginger, who gets bitten by a little less ordinary dog.
Slowly she begins to change and her little sister, with help from a guy named Sam, tries to find a cure for her big sister.

The second one is Dog Soldiers.
What should be a routine military exercise in the Scottish wilderness turns out to be a little more then just the ordinary military hide and seek.
This is not the ordinary werewolf horror.

Fairy Kei Challenge Day 4

5 of your style-icons.

I actually don’t really have any style icons, but I can list 5 things that inspire me.

1.) Street fashion snapshots.

2.) Japanese fashion magazines

3.) Anime

4.) Music videos, mostly japanese and korean.

5.) My own mind 😛

Movie-review: The Innkeepers

Acting: 3/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Artisitic stuff: 7/10
Music: 8/10

This thriller-like light horror movie was actually better then what I was expecting.
It’s start a bit slow but the tension builds up during the movie.
The characters in’t the best one I’ve seen, but the hotel looks nice. Not the victorian big haunted mansion kind of hotel, but more lika a cosy and a bit mistreated hotel that tries to look victorian.
I like the music too. It really fits the place.
So I think this is a good and watchable light horror movie about a haunted hotel.

From IMDB:
”During the final days at the Yankee Pedlar Inn, two employees determined to reveal the hotel’s haunted past begin to experience disturbing events as old guests check in for a stay.”


Inom några dagar kommer hotellet Yankee Pedlar Inn att stängas.
Under dessa sista dagar försöker två anställda att ta reda på vad som har hänt i hotellets förflutna. När en gammal gäst checkar in börjar konstiga saker att hända.

Filmen är mer en thrillerliknande lätt-skräckis än den vanliga sortens skräck om hemsökta platser. Den börjar rätt segt men spänningen byggs upp medan filmen går. Karaktärerna är inte de bästa men hotellet är snyggt. Det är inget stort herrgårdsliknande viktoriansk byggnad utan ett mysigt lätt nedgånget hotell som försöker se viktorianskt ut.
Filmen var bättre än vad jag trott den skulle vara och jag tycker att det är en rätt bra och sevärd film.

Singel igen

Nu är jag singel igen.
Vi älskar båda varandra, men det fungerar inte.
Båda känner att vi inte vill vara ihop med någon annan heller.
Kanske kanske kommer vi kunna bli ihop i framtiden när vi både mår bättre.
Vi hoppas iaf på det.