Star Trek TNG, DS9 and VOY karaktärs-quiz

Which Star Trek: TNG character are you?
You are Data. You are adorable and intelligent (albeit artificially). You want to be human and you spend much time learning the nuances of the human character. Your study and, sometimes your obliviousness, give you a valuable insight into problems that no one else knows how to approach.

Who On Star Trek Deep Space Nine Are You Most Like?
Lt.Commander Dax. As the science officer, you are an intelligent person. You are, however, quite impulsive, and prone to follow your emotions. You are cheerful and adventurous and probably have a good sense of humor.

Which Star Trek: Voyager character are you?
Harry! Harry Kim, you are the youngest person on the senior staff. Everyone admires your courage through the trials of being so far from home. Always the optimist, you always dream of Voyager getting home. Just keep looking towards the future and your dreams will always come true.



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