Två Star Trek Test

Gjorde två Star Trek test på OKCupid och här kommer resultaten.

The Star Trek Geek Test
You are either Rick Berman, Gene Roddenberry (re-incarnated) or Q. You spend too much of your time watching, reading, writing, and thinking about Star Trek. There are other types of science fiction, and there is this thing called ”reality”, try it out.

Which Star Trek Speices Would You Be

Congrats, you’re a Vulcan! You tend to be the more logical person. Whenever a difficult task comes up, you are the one with the answer. You analyse everything, and make sure you have the right answer before saying anything. You tend to be a more peaceful person, preferring not to act in violence. You are extremely loyal to your friends. However, many people tend to see you as emotionless. This is not true. You tend to hide your emotions from others, rather than let them show through. You are very good at giving advice and saving the humans when they make reckless mistakes.
Well-known Vulcans include: The icon of Trek, Spock; Sarek, fathe of Spock; Tuvok of Voyager; and T’Pol of Enterprise.
(De raser som var med är: Vulcan, Ferengi, Romulan, Klingon, Human, Cardassian och Borg)


2 thoughts on “Två Star Trek Test

    • chenjiringu skriver:

      Nej det är man inte. Längst ner i det högra hörnet står det en grej man kan klicka på för att hoppa över att bli medlem. Men den är lätt att missa för den är liiiten.


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