Mångsidigt ADHD/ADD test

Hittade ett mångsidigt ADHD test med Dr Amens olika ADHD typer. Testet (på engelska) finner du här.

Jag fick ”Ring of Fire” som resultat vilket stämmer väldigt bra in på mig.

Result Type .6) The Ring of Fire


The Ring of Fire type draws characteristics from the other types of Attention Deficit Disorder. They can be hyperverbal, meaning that the frequency of dialogue is much greater than the Classic ADHD’s chattering. Like the Over-focused, the Ring of Fire type can get stuck in loops of negative thought and can display obsessive or ritualistic behavior. Like the Temporal Lobe, the Ring of Fire type can be overly sensitive and prone to temper outbursts. Like the Temporal Lobe, Limbic and Over-focused types of ADHD, Ring of Fire symptoms can worsen with the use of stimulant medications alone. A unique characteristic to this ADD type is that the Ring of Fire type tends to be overly sensitive to light, sound, taste, or touch. The Ring of Fire ADD person does nothing in a subtle way and has manic qualities that can be very difficult to manage. This ADD type doesn’t just talk often, he talks nonstop. The Ring of Fire ADD type is easily distracted, aggressive, oppositional, and moody. Nervousness, chronic stress, panic attacks, obsessive behavior and anxiety can also be present. He has difficulty switching gears and frequently gets stuck on negative thoughts. He is inflexible and can be quite oppositional. In short, this ADD type is not exactly a charm to live with. “Ring of Fire” Characteristics: _ Angry. _ Overly emotionally sensitive. _ Extreme oppositional behavior. _ Irritability. _ Excessive talking. _ Temper problems. _ Extreme moodiness. _ Distractibility. _ Overly sensitive to light, sound, taste, or touch.If you fit into this subtype of Attention Deficit Disorder, your doctor may prescribe medications like Attend and Extress.

Attend addresses the primary Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms. Extress relieves the symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity and restlessness. These two formulas together form a powerful strategy for the Ring of Fire ADHD type.



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